Why You Should Seek Collision Repair for any Range of Damages

Steps For Repairing Your Car After A Collision
December 10, 2018
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October 2, 2019
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Some damages incurred from a wreck may seem minor or not worth starting a repair project on, but these minor scuffs can lead to costlier projects down the road. Here are some reasons you’ll want to seek repairs for some of these bumps and bruises sooner rather than later. 

There are several reasons why auto body repair is necessary, no matter how significant its damage is. If repairs are not made, there are some circumstances where it could cost you to keep the damage on the vehicle.

Unrepaired paint damage can spread over time

Even a small dent can scratch and fracture the paint. That damage won’t repair itself, and over time it will continue to get worse. Your car’s clear coat can chip away and the paint underneath will start coming off your car’s metal body too.

Over time, that not only makes the car look bad but it can contribute to further damage and a higher number of future repairs. Naturally, that’s something any vehicle owner will want to avoid, so they don’t end up spending too much or having problems with their car later on.

Paint damage can lead to increased rust

When there is paint damage, the metal underneath that paint can be exposed. It doesn’t take long for a vehicle to start to rust that way. Even if the dent is small, the cracks in the paint could be letting in moisture and allowing for exposure to the weather.

Rust could develop in the crack where the paint is compromised, and that rust could spread under the rest of the paint.

Save money by fixing collision dents as soon as they happen

Smaller dents usually aren’t expensive to fix, but they can grow into additional damage if you don’t fix them up right away. Being on top of this will benefit your car and your wallet.

Even for smaller damages like dents, it’s important to visit a quality auto repair company like Speeds Auto Body. You want to make sure any minor damages like this are fixed correctly and at a fair price. 

There May Be More Damage Than You Can See

Even when blemishes like dents and chips look unassuming, there can be damage underneath your car’s surface that can lead to more significant issues. As an example, a dented bumper might be concealing more underlying structural damage that you wouldn’t be able to see at first glance.

Don’t let ignored damages like this become a hazard to your safety. Immediate repairs will keep you protected from unknown risks and will save you money too. 

Additional reasons to repair your collision damage

Damage Causing Other Damage

The cosmetic damage to a vehicle may appear minor, but it takes a highly skilled auto technician to know if there could be more damage than meets the eye. A damaged fender could cause strain to a wheel, tire, or parts under the hood. 

Necessary Functions No Longer Work

If certain features do not work on your car, such as lights or opening your hood, it might lead to a ticket. All lights, such as headlights, taillights, and turn signals must be functioning for safety if you plan to drive at night.

State Inspection

Don’t let inconvenient damages prevent your vehicle from passing an inspection. If any items are damaged, such as lights or a mirror, the car will not pass inspection until the damage is fixed. Waiting to get repairs to pass an inspection could delay getting a renewed registration, in which case, you could get a ticket for an expired registration. That’s money that could be spent on the auto body repair.


If you file an insurance claim, receive money, and then don’t repair the car, it could cost you if you have another accident. An insurance company can deduct pre-existing damage from a future settlement. It is recommended that if you receive money for a claim, to use that money on auto body repairs. To keep the money could amount to insurance fraud.

Resale Value

Your vehicles resale value can be significantly affected by how damaged your car is on the inside and out. Your car damages might even cost less to fix than the amount your car depreciates from noticeable damage. 

Don’t let any kind of damages cause you future headaches down the road. Call Speed’s Auto Body today. Our expert technicians will determine the best and most cost-effective repairs for any model and make of vehicle you bring in to our shop. 

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