Frequently Asked Questions:

What to do if you are involved in an accident:

  1. Stop. Stay calm.  Do not leave the scene.
  2. Call law enforcement authorities immediately.
  3. Do not discuss the accident with anyone except the police or your insurance company. Do not pay the  other party.
  4. Secure the names and addresses of involved parties & witnesses.
  5. Save your vehicle towed to Speed’s Autobody. if not driveable.  If your vehicle is driveable, see us as soon as possible.
  6. Notify your insurance company of the accident and that we are doing your repairs.

FACTS you should know:

  1. You are NOT required to get more than one estimate.
  2. You may have the shop of your choice make the repairs. You are not required to use a shop selected by a claims adjuster. However, you are required by your policy to allow your insurance company a reasonable amount of time to inspect the damages prior to repairing them.
  3. Only you, the vehicle owner, can authorize the repairs on your vehicle.
  4. Repair estimates will vary. A lower estimate may not include necessary things. It is your vehicle, make sure it’s repaired to your satisfaction.
  5. Your insurance company wants your vehicle properly repaired and you to be completely satisfied with their claims service. You have specific rights & obligations. Review your policy. Understand your rights.
  6. The vehicle is being repaired for you the owner. You will be required to pay for the repairs upon completion. To avoid delays, it will be up to you to secure payment from your insurance company, along with any necessry endorsements from lien holders.

Our shop stands ready to assist you in any of these matters. We will work closely with you to minimize your inconvenience & maximize your satisfaction. This is our pledge to you.

Choose the repair facility
You have the right to select the shop of your choice. Pick a repair shop, leave your automobile there and notify your insurance agent.

Do I need three estimates?
Get as many as you like, the insurance company cannot demand any. Select a repair facility of your choice before you discuss the claim with your Insurance Company. Do not drive damaged vehicle. The Insurance Company has 6 days to inspect damage initially and 2 days to inspect any additional damages. You can require the insurance company to go to you for their inspection of damage.
Insurance Company may attempt to steer you to one of their authorized repair shops. Beware these shops may have cut deals with that insurance company or agreed to attempt to sell you cheap aftermarket parts. Just tell your insurance company “no!”- it’s your power word.

What if my vehicle has frame damage?
Most cars today are built using unibody construction, meaning that the frame and body of the car are welded together. That means that usually, when your car is involved in a collision, it will have some type of movement to the unibody. With our specialized equipment, we are able to straighten or replace the damaged part to within factory approved specs.

How long will my vehicle repairs take
There are many factors that need to be considered. For example:
How extensive is the repair?
Are the correct parts in stock?
Is there a supplement needed on hidden damages after the teardown?
Is this a specialty vehicle?
Your advisor can estimate the amount of time that it will take to repair your vehicle, but please remember that this is only an estimate. And keep in mind, the longer we keep your vehicle the more it costs us in terms of valuable storage and repair facility space, so we will get it back to you as quick as we can.

Who pays for the repairs? How do I arrange payment, supplements, betterment and deductible payment? Is a deposit required?
Insurance companies vary on how they make payments. Please note that Speed’s Auto Body requires full payment upon return of your vehicle to you, so ask your advisor questions regarding how your insurance company processes payments.

Payment methods:
We accept Visa®, and Mastercard®, credit cards, as well as cashier check.