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Car Painting Portland

Automotive painting and refinishing is truly an art. Matching the exotic finishes found on many of today’s vehicles requires special expertise in application techniques, such as state-of-the-art heated paint booths combined with PPG Paint Performance Guarantee. At Speed’s Auto Body, we have the expertise in car painting that Portland has come to rely on.

Whether you want to change the entire color of your car, add custom touches, or touch up damaged areas, we offer car painting that comes with a lifetime warranty!

The Vehicle and Car Painting Process Portland Trusts

With our lifetime guarantee, you can expect quality in each step of the car painting process. We have the technology to create the exact color you want, including factory matching colors. We’ll also provide a superior application that will look great and protect your car from corrosion.

  • Preparation and Application – To produce a factory finish, the PPG system is used in every step of the process: degreasers, primers, primer-surfacers, sealers, hardeners, reducers, and of course, the finest topcoats in the industry. PPG is recognized as one of the world’s leading automotive refinish products.
  • PPG Color Matching for Car Painting – We don’t leave any part of our painting process to chance. We have the knowledge and technology to color-match with perfection—even with more uncommon colors. Using the PPG integrated computer system and drawing from our database of paint formulations we recreate your original paint formula.
  • Heat Baking – Our convection ovens, set to the proper temperature, ensures that the car painting and finish gives your car not only beauty, but also maximum protection and durability. It also allows us to get your vehicle back to you quickly!
  • Quality Control – Quality inspections are an important part of our repair process. A trained technician carefully examines the repaired area and thoroughly cleans the exterior and interior. Our Detail Department performs the critical, final quality check. We take pride in delivering a clean vehicle with a like-new condition.

Car Painting Portland

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